Decentralized Incubator
... for Your Ideas, Applications and Business!

About Us

Krakin't is a decentralized business incubator.

We envision a world where decentralization is accepted as a common utility for innovation.

Krakin't provides a decentralized framework and incubator for both, startups and the public companies. It is focused on the next step of the block-chain movement: a public framework where investors are be able to raise funds without any outside intermediaries. The purpose of Krakin't is to provide a service to foster the creation, exchange and storage of ideas, applications, and any other useful content. To do this, we use the Ethereum network and the smart contracts, and any other technology that would make Krakin't independent, transparent, and decentralized.

  • Our values are based on the core principles of decentralization.
  • A missing link between the observable world and the block-chain technologies.
  • Krakin't is the next step in evolution of the business incubators.


This is what makes Krakin't unique

Mutable Token

A token which allows us to update the contract code and evolve with the new technologies.

Block-chain Interoperability

By design, Krakin't token allows us to engulf any other block-chain technology, and is not limited to Ethereum.

Proof of Burn Mining

By applying the proof of burn, you can mine Krakin't without spending a single watt of electricity!

Scalable Solutions

With a mutable token and block-chain interoperability, we offer the scalable business solutions to anyone.


With our simple interfaces, anyone can execute the blockchian transfers without the hard-earned technical skills.

Micro Venture

Become a micro venture capitalist using the Krakin't online platform, while enjoying the investment yields.

Why choose Krakin't?

Krakin't aims to deliver a high service and value to all, offering a simple user interface, a unique business incubator experience, and a platform for companies that are developing and expanding their business models and products on the block-chain.

Our goal is to provide an easy and a clean place to find business opportunities and meet investors.

We serve people and innovations that push the limits on how technology can change your everyday life with new applications and concepts. We strive to be a gateway into the world of decentralized companies and the block-chain technologies.


Krakin't enables the financial and business industries to become more accessible, transparent and stable.


It is a hub of innovation that encourages entrepreneurship of the future and opens the door to the development of an efficient market for all ideas and businesses.


Krakin't is here to be a partner facilitating the growth, investments and business opportunities to companies, startups and independent individuals.

Purchase Token

You can purchase tokens, right now with Ethereum, using our decentralized application by pressing the Purchase Token button below:

Token Specifications

As a mutable token, there are 3 main contracts that make this token possible (Token, Router and Core). However, the main and the immutable part (Token) will always be the Ethereum address: 0x7C131Ab459b874b82f19cdc1254fB66840D021B6.
Token Symbol is KRK.

Current total supply is 21 million, while the miner determines a current supply.

To find out the active contracts linked to the main Token component, you will need to execute the view functions of a Token contract. Any other contracts and on any other chains are documented in our Technology section.

Krakin't Labs

Krakin't Labs is a decentralized marketing, research and development agent created to help ideas, project, and companies evaluate and scale themselves. Krakin't Labs operates 100% autonomously with zero commissions or middle-man fees. Krakin't has the ability and capacity to help you quickly and easily scale your ideas for a rapid production while building your very own decentralized enterprise. We can help you learn, get feedback, hire developers and get more ideas about your project. We promote your services through our content, free of charge and with a complete transparency.

You can start your own campaign, share your proposal with others and invite them to evaluate your ideas or a project. We want to help you create something great that is truly unique and will impact all people around the world. We encourage everyone to learn and start their own businesses and help others sharing their experiences.

Krakin't miner

Krakin't miner is a proof that time is money. With no mining hardware and zero electricity wasted, you can mine the Krakin't token and sell the earnings on exchanges.

Token is distributed to miners by using the Proof of a Burn. The Proof of Burn is similar to staking, however, it provides clear market price by regulating the current supply and therefore a demand. New tokens are created by demand only, while everyone benefits from everyone during the Proof of Burn process.

We want you to join the mining of Krakin't by using our decentralized mining application (DApp). You can redeem your rewards for no mining fees associated with the mining pools, at any time. There are no mining-blocks, no mining hardware, no electricity wasted, no pools, and no fees... there is you and the pure and simple Mathematics at your disposal. All you need is an Internet connection to mine and claim the rewards.



We are working hard to list Krakin't on exchanges, however, our priority is the inner ETH-KRK exchange. This is currently the work in progress.